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17 July, 2020

Coalition of Women in Africa for Peace & Development is the flagship project of Engage, Empower Educate Initiative aimed at harnessing the enormous capacity and goodwill of women in Africa by bringing them under a coalition towards achieving 4 (four) thematic points, in line with the sustainable development goals; Peace in Africa, Girl-child education, ending hunger in Africa and Ending Poverty in Africa.

29 June, 2020

Through the back-to-school initiative we identify intelligent girls in underserved communities and support them to complete their primary education. This initiative was launched at the African Women Summit in Dubai in 2021 with a goal to send 10,000 girls to school in Africa.

29 June, 2020

The Social Media for Social Good Awards officially launched in 2019 in order to celebrate people using social media for good. It aims to promote and celebrate individuals and brands using social media for good through awards and most recently organizing summits.

5 May, 2020

The African continent has the highest percentage of women entrepreneurs in the world. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2016/17 Women’s Report, the female entrepreneurship rate in sub-Saharan Africa is 25.9% of the female adult population, in other words, one in four women starts or manages a business. 

5 April, 2020

Through the Abuja Food bank, we work with other partners and sponsors to provide women with food packs containing food items enough to feed a family of four.

10 March, 2020

The African Women County is aimed at providing affordable and sustainable housing for 20,000 women across Africa as well as providing them with collateral for accessing funding to grow their business.

29 March, 2020

Pink Vote is an African Movement with the aim to mainstream gender-based issues in the electoral process thus ensuring more representation for women in elective and appointive offices, it also aims to get more women to participate by voting massively in elections

3 March, 2020

SheTech Hub Project focuses on equipping girls with digital skills such as coding, development of mobile applications, and IT, required to spark their interest in ICT as a career path and position them as young promising innovative women on the Continent.

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