It was Benjamin Franklin who said; “ An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

A society that does not invest in education is a society that does not want to grow, and in the same vein, a society that does not invest in the girl child’s education is a failed society. Educating the girl child translates to a better life for future generations as the girl child caters not only to herself but her children, her community, and the whole nation at large.

As an educated girl child, I can boldly say Education is Not a Scam! Being educated has afforded me endless opportunities to achieve things I never thought were possible and also attain heights I never dreamt were attainable. The greater chances of more life-changing opportunities, Knowledge and Skill acquisitions, Improved self-confidence, and power over my own life are all made possible because of my education.

These and many more are the reasons our organization is passionate about investing in Girls’ Child Education because at Engage Empower Educate Initiative we believe in the capacity of the girl child. The Back-to-School Initiative is one of our many programs which is tailored to ensure that young girls from economically disadvantaged homes are given the opportunity to go to school. This initiative is executed by paying off their school fees, providing them with the necessary school materials, and empowering the parents of these girls with the necessary finances needed to ensure that these girls go to school.
This initiative has seen to it that over 100 girls in Nigeria, and 10 others in Kigali Rwanda are currently being sponsored and back to school. Our goal as an Organization is to ensure that more girls all across Africa will be beneficiaries of this great initiative.

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Remember, in educating one Girl Child you are educating a whole Nation!

5 thoughts on “EDUCATION IS NOT A SCAM”

  1. Oloruntobi oluwatoyin

    History has shown us how much influence a woman can make, when she is educated, the intrinsic nature of a woman to nuture ensures that she unselfishly looks after her environment and her community, so to educate a woman is to literally change the world.

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