Tech: The New Oil Well? & Is Switching Careers to Tech worth it?

The recent surge in the number of people switching careers and taking up jobs in the Tech space has been very intriguing to see, especially for Nigerians who weren’t so keen up until recently.

What could be the cause of this switch? Is it passion? Could it be a result of our country’s dwindling economy and the desire to earn more?  or maybe it is a result of our Nigerian youths’ urgent need to “Japa”?

Whatever the case may be, in the course of the next 6 weeks, I’ll be dissecting the field of Technology to see what exactly it is, If the switch is worth it, and to those who will still be interested in taking up careers in Tech, I will also be providing valuable resources to facilitate your successful transition.

So, sit tight and join me on this fun ride as we delve into the world of Technology, discover all that there is to it, and tackle the following topics;

  • What exactly is Tech?
  • The Cons of Working in Tech.
  • The Pros of Working in Tech.
  • The Techie Starter Pack.
  • High-Paying Tech Jobs for Beginners.
  • Valuable Resources for a successful switch. 

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