Pros of Working in Tech

Welcome back. Over the past few posts, we’ve looked at what Tech is and the Downsides or Cons there are in working in Tech. In this article, we will look at the pros, that is all the Juicy benefits there are in working in the Tech sector, especially from a Nigerian or rather an African standpoint.

Higher Wages and Benefits

Many people who work in the tech industry earn higher wages on average than jobs in many other industries. But what many people do not know is how significant the disparity is. In Nigeria for instance people who work in the Tech related industry earn from #150,000 – #800,000 monthly. Although, the wage is determined by the position, skill, seniority, and other factors, as is the case with any job, even entry-level positions can bring in a relatively high salary—in fact, a starting salary close to the overall average wage of other industries. Furthermore, not only are tech employees well compensated, but they also receive numerous attractive employee benefits such as healthcare, paid parental leave, and more. Overall, there are numerous financial incentives to work in technology.


Another appealing aspect of working in technology is that, except for the occasional firm deadline and odd work hours, jobs do not have as strict work hours as other professions. This means that time management is critical, and you must manage your schedule and impose a structure that works for you. With no externally imposed structure most of the time, combined with numerous tasks to complete and deadlines to meet, it is easy to lose track of productivity and become overwhelmed. However, keep in mind that the lack of strict work hours also means, more importantly, that this field has a higher degree of flexibility. As a result, people with tech jobs can do things like taking vacations and personal time, so long as they ultimately manage to get all their work done one way or another.

Job Security and Opportunities

The technology industry is ripe with opportunities. As one of the most modern, forward-thinking, ever-evolving industries, technology provides numerous benefits such as job security and positive job prospects. Entering the industry guarantees that you will be able to find work and a good one at that. You will also not have to worry about not being able to continue working in technology at any point in the future, as jobs are constantly appearing left and right. With new projects constantly being launched, you will always be employed, and there will always be opportunities for you to pursue. There is also the golden opportunity to launch your startup, which many people in technology value.

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