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How NGOs can Improve Girls’ Education in Africa

There are many NGOs all around the world that work for girls’ education and they directly interact with those in need. There are several ways through which NGOs can help in improving the education of girls all over the world.

Raising Awareness: NGOs organize events that can help in promoting girls’ education and aware people of the importance of girls’ education and how it can improve their family situation and make them economically and socially stronger. Most of the vulnerable sections of society are not aware of the positive impacts that education can bring the society. Thus, providing education to girls with this unawareness can be difficult for them, so it is the job of NGOs and various other organizations to raise awareness for girls’ education and empowerment. It is important to organize these events in particular regions where there is a very low rate of literacy among girls and women.

Providing Free Education: NGOs receive donations from various organizations, which could be used for providing free education to girls. Free education includes a lot of other aspects as well, such as opening new schools within the reach of children and providing books, food, and facilities such as clean water, electricity, and furniture in schools. They can also provide scholarships to meritorious students and reward them for their performance.

Providing Career Opportunities: Free education for girls should not just be limited to basic education, it should also provide them with future opportunities and career counseling and guidance and let them use their education in the field they excel. Lack of employment opportunities could be frustrating and can send the message that education does not provide job safety, so to make their education useful, they must get career and employment opportunities. Interview training and job training should also be included in this and the goal should be to empower them and make them self-sufficient.

Skill Development Workshops: Along with basic education, several skill development workshops should be organized by NGOs. These workshops will develop their skills through various skill development classes and will make them financially independent. The skills should be such that they can provide them with career opportunities and let them establish their business and make them economically strong.

Education for Women of all Ages: Basic and quality education is the right of women irrespective of their age. Many women in the world never had the opportunity to go to school and receive a proper education. People of all ages should be encouraged to get proper education and should be taught various skills which can help in making them self-sufficient and economically strong.

Girl education and the lack of it is a major concern for us, however, it has been significantly reduced as compared to the previous 10-20 years. Still, there are a lot of regions in the world where girls do not get proper education and are devoid of such necessities. Everyone needs to get free education and if we want to empower our women, then we need to come up together for their education. This will break the traditional prejudices against girls’ education and will improve the intellectual level of society as a whole.

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