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The 2022 Theme for International Youth Day, is ‘Creating a World for everyone and Intergenerational Solidarity” and It affirms a thought I’ve constantly held dearly. “no one, can exist and fulfill purpose in isolation”.
For every young person who wants to make a significant impact in this time and age, you must seek ways to build relationships beyond your circle. I see Intergenerational Solidarity as the intentional development of relationships between the older generation, the middle generation, and also the young generation.
Relationship with the Older Generation
I will liken this relationship to a relationship with parents, mentors, and those who are not within your age grade. I’ve been privileged to enjoy relationships with a few people older than me, and from experience, relationship with the other generation serves as a means for inspiration, guidance, and growth.
Most times, you might be the one to reach out to connect with them either through service or volunteering, sometimes, they go out of their way to connect with you and share their time, resources, and experiences with you. No matter how this connection will happen, endeavor you have a relationship with at least one, two, or three people in the older generation.
Relationship with Same Generation
This is the relationship with peer groups and fellow youth. I must admit that it’s not everything you will be comfortable talking to the older generation about, there are times you want to gist, unburden and have fun but these are not what to do with the older generation.
Relationship with peers is necessary for healthy competition, accountability, and personal development. Identify those who share similar values, interests, and ideals with you and seek to build relationships with them.
Relationship with Younger Generation
Whatever level you currently are, there is something you know, and have experienced that someone younger than you haven’t experienced.
Youths must also not wait till they have gotten to the echelon of their career and achievement before they pass their experience down.
This was a mistake most of the older generation made but we must correct it in our time by starting early enough to share some of our experiences with teenagers around us. They may be your biological younger siblings, those around your environment, or your place of religious worship. Learn to take out time to network with them, ask about their academics, and share some tips to assist them in making decisions about career choices and skills to acquire.
In my personal journey, I have been privileged to have those ahead, giving me advice and counsel, I have peers who inspire me and keep me motivated, and then, I have those who also look up to me and I try to also make myself available to them through my work at Teens’ Connect Africa. By being intentional about these kinds of relationships, we are creating a world for all ages and building intergenerational solidarity.

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