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The revolution of Tech

It is no news that the tech world seems to be the “all that glitters” at the moment, especially in Nigeria.
Tech is a wide field that ranges from flier designs to heavy computer machines built and developed day by day. We can’t deny that the world is fast evolving into a computer “village” and hence, its future is greatly tied to this tech base knowledge.
Nigeria happens to be a fast-growing one with startups of about 713, ranking 16 globally.
The tech sector has proven to outs the various sectors that have formulated the stagnancy in Nigeria’s economy as the economically relevant sector that it is.
The Financial Times branded Nigeria as “Africa’s hottest startup scene” as a result of the impact of the tech sector.
According to “The Guardian”, of every 5 dollars invested in venture capital funding in Africa in 2020, 1 dollar went to Nigeria. Investors poured 1.6 billion dollars into the Nigerian tech scene between 2016 and 2020.
Thus, the tech space has been economically rewarding but also, a lot of investment is put into it for sustainability. It is therefore no doubt that a great percentage is venturing into it with a clear indication of it seemingly becoming the new oil well due to its positive effect on the economy

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